Code of conduct NVTH symposium en social activities

The NVTH is a scientific alliance, that stimulates the interaction between researchers in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis by organising a PhD course and a 2 day symposium, where researchers can present their research and discuss with other NVTH members.

A pleasant and collegial climate is of the utmost importance to the NVTH. Not only during the course and symposium, but also during social activities organised by the NVTH. All researchers, of all ages, should be able to feel comfortable and safe during NVTH activities.

The NVTH therefore promotes the following principles

• NVTH members always treat each other with respect

• NVTH members do realise at all times that they are surrounded by colleagues and therefore have an exemplary role, even outside of working hours

• Disrimination or sexual intimidation are not tolerated

• NVTH members address each other if above mentioned principles are not lived up to

• When (PhD) members do not feel comfortable to address a person directly, they can report undesirable behaviour to a board member of choice. Confidentiality of the reporting person will be guaranteed. The board will address the person’s behaviour and (as far as possible regarding confidentiality) apply adversarial principles.